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Morning Worship

Being Effective for God
Andy Byers on 2 Timothy 2
Morning Worship, 19 March 2017

All believers are called to gospel ministry, but some of us are specially called to it. This is the ministry of passing on the truth of the gospel amidst competing voices, in gentleness and kindness.

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Rekindle the Gift
Ruth Perrin on 2 Timothy 1
Morning Worship, 12 March 2017

Ruth introduces 2 Timothy, Paul is facing his own death and encourages Timothy to press on in ministry despite opposition and apparent failure. Here Paul affirms Timothy's faith and gift, being confident in the faithfulness of God.

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Fighting the Good Fight
Mark Bonnington on 1 Timothy 6:11-21
Morning Worship, 5 March 2017

Paul concludes urging Timothy to flee false doctrine and the allure of riches, to pursue godliness, to fight the good fight of faith, and exhorting the wealthy to be rich in generosity.

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Evening Worship

Embracing the Way of the Servant
Mark Bonnington on Mark 10:17-45
Evening Worship, 12 March 2017

In this section of Mark, Jesus speaks repeatedly to his disciples about the death that he walks towards. So, discipleship then and now is taking up our cross, dying to self and living for Christ. Here this is applied to power - greatness is in service.

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Featured Sermons

These are sermons that we have highlighted as being particularly worthy of note.

The Hope: Sleeping and Waking
Mark Bonnington on 1 Thessalonians 4.13-5.11

How does the promise of the second appearing of our Lord Jesus Christ affect Christian hope? How should Christians think about death and the future in light of this? How should we live in light of the hope that we will one day see our King face to face? This sermon is the fourth in a five part series on 1 Thessalonians.

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Holy Worship for a Holy People
Mark Bonnington on Exodus 25-31

The theme of Exodus (which means the ‘way out’) is not so much leaving Egypt as a way in – to a new relationship between God and Israel. Mark explores the main themes underlying the bumpy relationship between God and Israel in Exodus and draws some lessons for how we relate to the same covenant-keeping God.

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Bellyaching in the Desert
Mark Bonnington on Exodus 15-17

Israel’s desire to return to Egypt after complaining of hunger in the wilderness is a key incident in the Exodus narrative. Mark explains why Israel’s bellyaching offends God, how the items contained in the Ark of the Covenant act as iconic reminders of God’s ways with his people and how this informs discipleship today.

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