We have many postgraduates who worship with us at Kings, from a wide range of backgrounds. Some are recent graduates of Durham University, some have come to Durham from overseas, some are mature students with families. Whether you are here for one year or four, you are very welcome to get involved in our church family. As postgrads are normally resident in Durham full-time, there is the option of joining one of our resident cells. Alternatively, if you are a recent Durham graduate and have been involved in Clusters, you are very welcome to continue as a 'student'. Finally, if you are a member of Ustinov College, you may be interested in attending the Ustinov Bible Study, a cross-church Bible Study that meets in the College on Tuesday evenings. More details are below.

Ustinov Bible Study

Ustinov BS

Tuesdays, 8-10pm
Howlands Meeting Room

The Ustinov Bible Study is a group for Christian postgraduate students that meets together every week in Ustinov College for Bible study, prayer and fellowship.

Read the article in the Epiphany 2008 edition of the Ustinov College newsletter (download PDF).

"It is amazing how people from different countries and backgrounds can be such a support to you when you are all united in faith. It has also been a great learning opportunity for me, where so many nationalities share their thoughts and beliefs." Manush

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