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Halfway to the Finish Line

by Dylan Brown, Thursday 9th March 2017

Dylan Brown I am not sure whether it is a sign of relief or worry to know we are now halfway through the internship. I am torn between the two. Part of me is excited to be finished so I can see my family once again and hop on a path to a future career. However there is a concern that comes with it as well. As I begin to think about what will come after the internship I am faced with having to leave an amazing church community who continually pour into my life and others. I have to weigh up the options for my future. Am I going to go back to Canada? Should I stay in England? What about Katie and I? These are only a couple of the questions I am asking myself as we near the halfway mark to the finish line.

Amongst the many questions and what seem to have become concerns, I have found a strange sense of peace. A peace in knowing that God will lead me on the road ahead; all I need to do is cast my worries to him. I am in England after all and that did not happen by a mere coincidence. God has proven to be faithful and I have proven to be worrisome amongst my humanness and yet He reminds me again and again of things he has done and will continue to do.

It has become very clear to me that God is moving powerfully in Durham. We have a perfect city to reach people for Christ. As we do evangelism on the streets I am amazed at the amount of people who are so willing to take the time to have an honest conversation about God, whether they are believers or not. I am amazed as to how the Christians in this city are reaching out as well, and that is clear to see with some of the events coming up. The halfway point marks an excitement for what is yet to come! In a week’s time STORY week will be kicking off. STORY is a mission week the University Christian Union puts on. We spend a whole week reaching people for Christ and helping everybody know they have a story that has meaning and shapes who they are now. June Project is also another mission week that is not for some time, that can’t stop the hype for it though! That to me shows how passionate many people are for seeing others come to know God and the love he has for everyone.

I think it is safe to say us interns are halfway through and very hopeful for what God is going to do. The work he has started in us has only just begun.

Please be praying for:
- Chrissie and I as we ponder over ideas for after the Internship
- Story week as it draws near that God work be working powerfully through the people involved and that we would see many come to know Christ.
- For us as a Christian body that we would be able to take advantage of the opportunity we have here in Durham to reach people for Christ.

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