Get Involved

At Kings we encourage everyone to play an active part in our life together. That's why you'll often hear people at Kings saying "Get Involved!"

There are three main ways we encourage everyone at Kings to get involved:

1. Come Along on Sundays

Sunday Worship

Sunday Mornings

10.30am-noon, Fonteyn Ballroom, Dunelm House. This is our main weekly gathering. More info.

Sunday Evenings

6.00pm-7.00pm, Crux, Riverside Cafe, Dunelm House. More info.

7.45pm-9.15pm, Connecting with God, Riverside Cafe, Dunelm House. More info.

At all our gatherings we encourage everyone to actively participate in worship and in seeking to hear from God. We encourage members of the congregation to bring Scriptures and prayers during our times of worship and we are open to the full range of the gifts of the Holy Spirit being expressed during our times together.

2. Join a Small Group (or Pastorate)

Peskies Park


We encourage students at Kings to get stuck into one of our Student Pastorates, which are groups of 20-40 students that meet together three times a term and in cell groups on other weeks. To get involved please email the student team or speak to Chris Juby or Phil Trainer on a Sunday.


If you live in Durham all year round we'd like to encourage you to join one of our resident cell groups which meet on Wednesday and Thursday evenings at various locations around the City. Please email the office or speak to Ruth Perrin on a Sunday.

3. Participate...

Peskies Park

...In Mission and Community Work

As a church we're involved in a variety of activities in the local community - some regular activities and some one-off events (see what we've been up to). Details of these activities and how to get involved can be found on the Mission and Community page.

We encourage everyone at Kings to get involved in our outreach activities - whether this is once a term, once a week or more regularly. Keep an eye on the noticesheet for details of upcoming activities and details of how to get involved.

...On Sundays

There are plenty of opportunities for everyone to get involved on a Sunday - here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Worship band
  • Supporting kids work
  • PA
  • Meeting set-up
  • Serving teas and coffees
  • Bringing prayers and Scriptures during worship

If you would like to get involved in any of these activities please contact Clare in the office, speak to a member of staff or see the 'Get Involved' box on the Sunday notice sheet for specific email contact details.

...In Other Areas of Church Life

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