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McNally Christmas Lunch 2007

December 2007

Christmas Lunch

As a culmination of the fortnightly coffee mornings at McNally Place, on 7 December 2007 the Interns held a free Christmas lunch for local residents, to which 27 people attended, including 3 or 4 from Kings. These are Rachel's memories of the event.

The day had arrived, the day that everyone was anticipating. They had been counting down for three weeks, had made sure that they had everything (PAT Testing and meat thermometer included) and here it was, the day! They entered the building to decorate it beautifully: lights, crackers, holly, they even had a Christmas tree (granted it was £2.29 from TESCO)!Christmas LunchThe choir arrived, singing Christmas carols magnificently whilst twenty three local residents, dressed up to the nines, arrived and sat down. Grace was said and then it was time. Time for the food and fun!

Christmas Lunch

It was a true delight to be able to provide the local residents of Gilesgate with a four course Christmas dinner. There was a great atmosphere with paper hats, carols, the snap of crackers and people telling the ever wonderful cracker jokes! Christmas LunchThe food went out successfully, although if there had been a camera on the community centre street it may have looked a little strange as waiters and waitresses ran to nearby houses to get extra jugs, salt and pepper shakers, trays of turkey, lots of vegetables and cream for the Christmas pudding!

Christmas Lunch

In between courses the residents were given a small decoration to write prayers on, which could be hung on the tree. This was certainly a highlight as everyone joined in and the tree was definitely the best decorated tree in Durham! Towards the end Stephen thanked people for coming and invited them to the Christmas Service on the 9th. Christmas LunchHaving nine people ask if they could get lifts down to church, and then seeing them arrive and join in worshipping God on the Sunday was amazing. Itís certainly something to give thanks and praise to God for! So all in all I think the day was hugely successful! So successful that there are now rumours of an Easter lunch flying around! Eggs-elent! I canít wait!

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